Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Shiro Project by David Khara- Excerpt

Pus trickled from blisters around his discolored lips. Along the sides of his inflamed nostrils were clusters of ready-to-burst boils. The exposed part of his chest was similarly disfigured.
Jane was pleased to note the normal progression of symptoms and scribbled her observations in her notebook.
“Hang in there a little longer,” she said. “Two or three days from now, we’ll initiate treatment.”
The only response was an agonized groan. After injecting the young man with more sedative, Jane headed back. She had what she needed. She wished her monkey sweethearts a pleasant night and found her way to the exit. Just two more hours with Professor Neville, and then her shift would be over.
Jane stepped into the elevator, eager to wrap things up. But when she arrived at her floor, the doors refused to budge. Jane cursed the incompetence of the maintenance crew. Breakdowns occurred often, too often for her liking. She was about to pick up the elevator’s black telephone to tell off the orderly, when the base loudspeakers started blasting an ear-splitting siren.
Jane pressed her hands over her ears to muffle the excruciating noise. Then the wailing stopped. It was replaced by a man’s voice, which Jane identified as that of the duty officer.
“Attention, all personnel. Due to a security breach in sector four, we ask that you calmly make your way toward the emergency exits.”
Jane's eyes widened with surprise. She felt her heartbeat speed up and her scalp tingle with sweat. "This is no time to panic," she said to herself. "Think fast."
She took a deep breath and held it. Jane frantically pushed the button for one floor up, where her designated exit was located. The elevator didn't move, but the doors finally opened.
Then she saw the guards sprawled on the floor. Their dogs were lying all around them, vomiting and
shaking. The virus was already spreading throughout the facility. The alert had been broadcast too late.There was not a moment to lose.
You breathe, you die, she told herself as she rushed toward an open door on her right. She entered the
stairwell and heaved herself up the steps two at a time. An object was rolling toward her. A jar of pencils. She stepped over Phil Neville, who lay dying on the steps. He stretched out a hand in her direction but was unable to grab her ankle. Jane thought of her husband,her son, her flaming lungs and repeated over and over,
“You breathe, you die.”
She found the corridor. A little more effort and she’d be out of this hellhole. Jane grabbed the metal door handle and pushed. It didn’t open. She thrust with both hands, using all the strength she had. Nothing happened. She couldn’t hold out for more than a few seconds. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she pounded and kicked.
Those bastards had locked the exits shut! As soon as the sector had lost its airtight seal, the virus had spread, and then it was lockdown. Now the brick-and-steel building was one big tomb.
Jane Woodridge leaned against the door and slid to the floor. She closed her eyes, visualized Sean’s sweet chubby face, and filled her lungs a final time.

The Shiro Project by David Khara

Sophie Weiner (Translator

Can a lone man stop mass destruction looming from the past? Reporter Branislav Poborsky is running away from a bad marriage when he witnesses the Czech army covering up the extermination of an entire village. Saved in extremis by the gentle-giant Mossad agent Eytan Morgenstern, he is thrown into a troubling race to defuse a larger-than-life conspiracy. 

After Eytan’s mentor is kidnapped, he must join forces with his arch-rival to put an end to a mysterious group that has weapons of mass destruction. Once again, the atrocities of World War II come back to haunt the modern world. What links exist between Japanese camps in China in the 1940s, a US Army research center in the 1950s, and the deadly threat Eytan faces today? 

From Prague to Tokyo, with stops in Ireland, yesterday’s enemies become today’s best allies and mankind seems on the verge of repeating the errors of the past. 

No downtime, the story is fast paced and addictive. A thriller whose pages we turn eagerly to know more about the hero's adventures while traveling and reliving the pages of our dark history.
By following the adventures of Eytan Morg, you get hooked in the blink of an eyes after the first sentences. 

Eytan is an endearing character who reminded me of a mix between Wolverine and Jason Bourne with an addition of humor and some sensibility.
His association with Elena brings a touch of extra suspense, as the reader wonders constantly if she is reliable or if she will kill him in his sleep. Lol!

Action, suspense are accompanying this super duo in a well-crafted and well written story. It was a delight to read. It made even me want to discover the other volumes of Eytan's adventures.

I had a great time.

« Another pot of tea. He decided to put his faith in chamomille. » 

« Madness leads to desesperation. Desesperation leads to madness. And victims become the executioners. We are living proof, wouldn’t you agree ? » 

The Shiro Project by David Khara 

1957. États-Unis, Maryland. Centre de recherches bactériologiques de l’armée américaine.Le professeur Jane Woodridge mène des expérimentations à haut risque. Soudain, l’alarme retentit…
De nos jours, République tchèque.

Au mauvais endroit, au mauvais moment ! Fuyant ses problèmes conjugaux, Branislav Poborsky se rend chez ses parents. Sur la route, il découvre un village bouclé par la police et voit sa vie basculer…
Lorsque son mentor se fait enlever, l’agent du Mossad Eytan Morgenstern doit faire équipe avec sa rivale.
Enrôlé de force dans un combat qui n’est pas le sien, il devra tout tenter pour mettre fin aux agissements d’un mystérieux groupuscule entré en possession d’armes de destruction massive.

Quand vos ennemis d’hier deviennent vos meilleurs alliés, quand l’humanité semble prête à répéter les erreurs du passé, que peut bien faire un homme contre la folie qui ne va pas manquer de suivre…

Pas de temps mort, le récit est rythmé et prenant. Un thriller dont on tourne les pages avec avidité pour connaître les aventures du héros tout en voyageant et en revivant des pages de notre histoire.

On se pique au jeu en suivant les aventures d’Eytan Morg. Un personnage attachant qui m’a fait penser à un mélange entre Wolverine des XMen et Jason Bourne. Une touche d’humour et de cœur en plus.
Son association avec Elena apporte une pointe de suspense supplémentaire car on se demande sans cesse si elle est fiable ou si elle va le tuer dans son sommeil. Lol !

De l’action, du suspense et des menaces accompagnent ce duo de super combattants dans une aventure bien ficelée et très plaisante à lire.
Du coup, cela m’a donné envie de découvrir les autres volumes des aventures d’Eytan.

J’ai passé un très bon moment.