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Fate is a fast paced novella about two people from opposite ends of the country trying to support each other as friends while denying their instant attraction for one another.

Adam and Evette have both recently ended relationships that were never meant to last. Each of them is longing for something more intense and meaningful, and fate brings them together online in a support system for rebounding daters. The only problem—they’re perfect for each other but too far away to do anything about it.

Will they help each other find love with someone else, or will Fate completely take over their destiny? 

The synopsis was the first thing that caught my eyes. I was in need of a sweet and cute story. A rebound body on a dating website was the perfecting plot of a mushy evening… :-)

To be honest I was not expected to really enjoy the story and be hooked. It was a lovely surprise. The flow of the words is easy, the characters are honest, fun and totally believable in their approach of the dating stage.

I'm also not really into novella. Always have the feeling that you couldn't really create a bond with the characters since it's too short. You always have something missing. Here, my only feeling was…"What? No no no, there has to be more…."
Maya James has created an atmosphere where you want to stay to follow the adventure of the characters.

I've really spend a great time with Evette. She is innocent, fun and in need of some ego boost; She needs to believe in herself and Adam is the perfect gentleman for the role.
As for Adam, he is not a billionaire with awesome cars and private jet. He is normal. That's what made him perfect and enjoyable.

And the ending is surprising. Haven't seen it coming. Adam last words and Evette phone call almost put some tears in my eyes. Couldn't believe it was the end…
I even went to the author website to see if a sequel will be provided. Not because it's bad, really because it's an awesome ending.

Easy to read, easy to like. Great story and definitively an author that piqued my interest.

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Indie Author of contemporary romance and suspense novels such as the Charity Series (Charity's Warrior, Charity’s Secrets, and Charity’s Passion) and a novella titled Fate: Adam & Evette. 

East coast born and raised, I'm married, extremely happily, with 4 kids, 3 of which are now young adults (not sure when that happened). 

I’m a COO in my technology-based "day job,” which requires a mix of technical and creative writing for both internal and client-facing materials, but it was not satisfying my artistic spirit. Writing the “Charity” series has been absolutely fulfilling and exciting. 

My favorite writing takes place on my phone while lying on the Southernmost Beach in Key West, where I try to go at least twice a year. 


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