Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Little Vanilla Book: Creating Self Love and Stiletto Swagger by Lux Alani

Lace up your corset and embrace your stiletto swagger with this unblushing guide to personal growth using the virtues of (gasp!) S&M. 

Offering mighty insights on everything from whipping negativity into submission to breaking the bondage of bad self-body image, The Little Vanilla Book gives you the tools you need to awaken the heroine deep inside and open your life to a scintillating new world of self discovery. 

Within the pages of this loving and bawdy exploration of all things you, former dominatrix Lux Alani uses her personal experiences and research to uncover the surprising truth that some of the primary lessons and practices found in the world of kink aren't just for the kinksters with the right mindset they're for you too. 

But wait! If you're nervous that you'll need to buy a paddle and latex catsuit to get your transformation on, don't worry! This isn't about getting into the kink scene or practicing BDSM. Looking at five key aspects of every woman's life: authenticity, confidence, body image, resilience, and fear, The Little Vanilla Book is truly about taking a unique journey to self-love and empowerment one that shows you how to unchain your courage, reclaim your awesome self, and live your truth with gusto. 


Curiosity about the tittle and the content have led me to request this book. Exactly what I needed!
It's fun, interesting and the author really talks to all women!

A great way to stop, think of your behavior and of the way you mistreat yourself even when you don't do it on purpose. This book is showing you how to correct your habits of putting ourself down by thinking you are not with it.

Of course, we are all unique and wonderful! But that's a thing to say it and another to believe it deep down.
The fact that the author shares a bit of her own history and explains how she has become a goddess, a domme and also a woman who is able to accept her vulnerability, her feminity and embrace it without fears or culpability, was very inspiring.

Also full of easy tips or exercises to follow or to try. No drastic changes or magical spells, just how to do baby steps in stilletos! ;-)

I've really enjoyed reading this book. Probably because Lux Alani is writing as if she was having a cup of coffee with you or a fun girls night out. It's full of humor, easy to read and you have the feeling you are not alone. She will catch you up and never laugh at you. She doesn't judge, she is showing you another path that can lead to a better acceptation of yourself as a woman.

As for the BDSM part, it should not scare you away. Maybe it will help you to understand that different doesn't mean bad and that we have always something to learn from others. And accepting limits, settling boundaries for ourself, accepting that life can hurt and doing a parallel with the BDSM way of life was really interesting.

A book I warmly recommend for all the women who have trouble to believe they are worth loving, or those who hide behind walls or fears.

It's just a book but words sometimes can show up at the perfect time to give you the push to change something in your life.

Great read!

"Here's the manifesto for becoming your own heroine - the liberation from your unworthiness."

"We draw to us what we need to learn, and life gives us endless lessons - sometimes gently, sometimes by dropping a piano onto our heads - that we get to choose, thanks to our level of attention and openness."

"I was wounded, and I'm scarred. That's okay. Scars are beautiful and make people compelling. Scars remind you of your humanity. Mostly, scars are proof that there is healing."

"There's only one you, so let your freak flag fly! The people who accept your flaws and beauty now will be those you'll have history with later."

*Arc provided by Netgalley.
I received this book in exchange of a fair and honest review.

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  1. Hello, Lucie! Your review of my book is an absolute fave, and I am so appreciative. Great images and insights. Glad my book inspired you! The Little Vanilla Book: S&M Wisdom to Improve Everyday Life launched Oct 6th (on Jenny McCarthy's Sirius show) with the new subtitle and a new cover! I'd love to send you the new cover image to post :))