Monday, May 18, 2015

Photography as Meditation: Tap Into the Source of Your Creativity by Torsten Andreas Hoffmann

For many people, photography serves as a form of meditation; a way to separate themselves from their stressful lives.

In this book, Torsten Andreas Hoffmann explores an approach to artistic photography based on Japanese Zen-Philosophy.

Meditation and photography have much in common: both are based in the present moment, both require complete focus, and both are most successful when the mind is free from distracting thoughts.

Hoffman shows how meditation can lead to the source of inspiration.

Hoffman's impressive images of landscapes, cities, people, and nature, as well as his smart image analysis and suggestions about the artistic process, will help you understand this approach to photography without abandoning the principles of design necessary to achieve great images.

Photographing busy scenes, especially, requires an inner calm that enables you to have intuition for the right moment and compose a well-balanced image amidst the chaos.

The goal of this book is to develop your photographic expression. It provides enrichment for photographers who believe that only technical mastery produces great images and shows how important it is to engage with your own awareness to act creatively.

A great book you will enjoy whatever you are looking for serenity through awesome pictures or advices to improve your photography skills.

Every entries began with explanations, quotes about the author, the creativity and his way into zen through his camera.
It's light, easy and goes very well with the book.

You can pick it up and reach what you need from this photography journey. Tip for improving your view of beauty, nature, people by opening yourself to what is in front of you or how you want to express it through a pic. The author is like a companion walking with you and helping you to open up.

Great feeling calming effect, I've enjoyed my time spend while turning the pages.

"Adbhuta (wonder, magic, magnificence)
These basic elemental feelings are very important requirements for a good photograph. If you take all the beauty and greatness in the world for granted and can no longer find your way to a state of emotional wonder, it is difficult to produce good photography. Adbhuta is the emotion that makes it possible to see things with wonder, as though you are seeing them for the first time. The ability to achieve these emotions allows you to express the big and small things in life through photography."

"Creativity reveals itself every time you are profoundly touched by some external reality that compels you to capture expressive photographs. I have mentioned several times that this form of creativity occurs without effort. It is not inhibited or filled with intent; rather, it is a flow that you enter where you allow emotions and ideas to happen organically. This kind of creativity generally produces photographs that have originality; proof of a genuine enthusiasm about a specific moment and a particular location that is carried over into the image."

*Arc provided by Edelweiss.
I received this book in exchange of a fair and honest review.

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