Friday, December 18, 2015

The duality of silence

The duality of silence

Some nights, all is still and calm
The mind savors the absence 
Of music, of noises, like a balm
You cherish the sound of silence

Clearly thinking, creating, 
No humming, no madness
Gives you wings for dreaming
Without borders, without darkness

Silence can free your soul, 
Heal or smooth your doubts, 
Make you feel wonderful
By coloring your blackish thoughts

Some nights are not so blessed 
Your core dreads loneliness, absence
The mind is acidly stressed
You fear to suffocate in silence

Choking with anxiety, sinking, 
Unable to smile, talk or sleep
You rock back and forth, you’re shaking
Collapsing into a silent hole fast and deep

Since nothing stays still, beauty of the evolution 
You can choose the quiet or the cacophony 
Just don't use sound as a weapon
Too loud or mute, it creates agony

Silence is beautiful when made of gold
Proof of trust and acceptance
Sinister and cold when turned into coal
Can bruise a soul with indifference, words untold 
Don't replace its comfort by silent distance. 

Art: Malo And The Whale. Found on Pinterest.

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