Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The shooting star

The shooting star

Let me tell you the story of a little star, one who appears every night after the sun has departed.

In the vast somber coat of the sky, illuminated by the round face of the smiling moon, she was surrounded my billion versions of herself. All pretty, all shinny. Part of a family, she was happy.

For a long time, playing hide and seek with the planets made her smile. Winking brightly at the loving couples embracing themselves tenderly under her watch made her proud. Listening to the human wishes calling upon her magic for happiness, wealth or health made her sparkle more.

Until the moment where her splendid yellow dress started to pale.  Out of the blue, the color was vanishing and she was having no clue about what was happening.

Night after night, she was sighing. Worrying about her lack of beauty, of purpose. Thinking she was unable to enchant humanity anymore, she felt unworthy.

And for the first time, after spending an eternity in company of the universe, she was feeling lonely.

One night, she confided in the Moon.
“I wish someone will see me, understand me with all my imperfections and still love Me.”
“Careful about what you wish for. You may get it in a different way you expect.”
The star stayed silent with a determinate look on her face.
Seeing her stubbornness, Lady Luna added in a motherly tone, when kissing the little one goodbye: “Just remember, you are already a unique jewel in this night sky. You don’t need anybody attention for this fact to become true. You are who you are.”

Fate was in motion.

Since we all have our own journey and experiences to learn from, advices can be heard but at the end, we are the masters of our own choices.
But even stars have dreams to follow…

Few Lunar circles later, a spaceship landed with lot of noises, bringing some animation into the celestial void. Excitation was vibrating in the night world. Even our little star brighten up at the disruption of her routine.

A human, in a huge suit, was dancing his way on the surface. Making strange signs with pen and paper in his hands. Her curiosity was even more picked when she saw the man looking intensely her way, while sorting out tools and wood from his space home.

Every day under her close watch, he was disturbing her peace. Strangely different, he was nevertheless funny to follow. Patiently without any rush, he was building a huge ladder to reach the sky. For whatever reasons, she didn’t know, but was staring to hope.
Until one night, with a proud look on his face, he deployed the immense engin.

Then, with a rag and a very sweet smelling pot, he climbed in her direction. Among all the bright spots of the constellations, he stopped under her south branch.

Panicked, the little fading star in her pale dress was trying to mask her flaws. Incandescent she was not anymore and at the thought, she wanted to shy away. But where could she hide when he was already invading her space?

Without asking permission, he started to dust her tears away. Whispering sweet words while scrubbing her of insecurities. Her heart escaped through every new rays of light that were shining again. Falling for the fragrance of the polish he was applying on her, she was glowing, night after night, under his care.
She was overjoyed: all her adornments looked bright new and her wishes had come true.

But the little star was so focused on appearances, on her own egotistical thoughts that she has forgotten to listen to the reality whispering around her. She has failed to notice how sparkling all the stars were in their glowing finery.

Since every night, when she was dreaming,  the man was shifting the ladder to dust the rest of the universe. Now, hearing his wonderful work being praised by so many, she felt even more lonely. That’s when a new sigh of understanding echoed from her heart.
He was the polisher of the night, the one who brought faith and hope to the lost lights.

Remembering the Moon warning, the little star took some time to examine her options, her emotions, her dreams. She could feel the chaos inside, the unrequited love.
She had become a falling star.

Even if we cannot attract what we deeply want, we can still cherish what we get.

Taking off to travel the galaxy, she has filled herself with the love she has felt to become a wonderful shooting star. One you can wish upon every time you see her flying in the night. Now, just be sure to choose wisely what you wish for.


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