Friday, April 15, 2016

Ascension by Christopher De Sousa

Katherine Munroe is most definitely not your typical teen and just about the only thing typical are her high school boy problems. She does however have quite the amazing ability to draw and much to her own confusion she accidentally lights things on fire. Even more plaguing are her reoccurring hallucinations, always thinking she is losing it, or so she thought. But then, after a horrific attack on her life resulting in the death of her father, she realizes there is something...more. Anzu, a winged beast of a different sort, and subject of Katherine's hallucinations, saves her and become's her guardian.

Bereaved over the loss of her father, she quickly discovers the unthinkable. Her entire township, as she knew, is a secret government experiment. And her father? Well, he was more of a caretaker since her birth. This rogue operation, better known as Project Indigo, is at war with a corrupted race of celestial beings.

In order to save the world and defeat The Corrupted they need the help of Katherine. Through special training and the discovery of her abilities, Katherine and Project Indigo battle the entities set to destroy them while she discovers the truth about her family, her lineage, and her future.

If you like mythology, battles and Science Fiction, this story is for you!

Personally, I have avidly turned the pages and got very fast into Miss Munroe's adventures. There was a feeling of Déjà vu while reading the pages has there is an atmosphere like in Divergent even if it's just the military facilities and the training rooms that have given me this vibes.
I've liked the paranormal plot with Demons, Fallen Angels and the fact that everybody is keeping secrets, dark ones.

As for as the characters go, I was trying to see where the author was going. Katherine is not behaving like a teen and for a YA story, it's strange. She is too accepting and don't rebel enough while learning all the secrets about her past. She has a very cool Gryphon for a partner but don't trust it.

Blake is infuriating and suffisant. Still have a question mark visible above the brother's head. The guy follows the rules too peacefully while keeping a very dangerous uncontrolled power that the author teases us about without really describing it in a real scene.

There is a lot of positive points in this story and the plot is interesting. However, the psychology of the characters need to become better for the reader to create a real bond with them.

Interesting with great potential. Hope the sequel will have more depth while still increasing the intensity of the battle scenes.

*Arc provided by Netgalley
I received this book in exchange of a fair and honest review.

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