Monday, May 23, 2016

Reinventing Green Building by Jerry Yudelson

Reinventing Green Building: Why Certification Systems Aren't Working and What We Can Do About It by Jerry Yudelson
Buildings and their associated systems are the largest source of greenhouse gases in the world. The 2030 Challenge aims to produce zero-net energy from new North American construction by 2030 while achieving a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions from existing buildings. With less than 4 percent of commercial and residential structures in the United States and Canada certified by 2015, we seem destined to fall catastrophically short of this target.

Reinventing Green Building combines a unique, insider's critique of the current state of affairs with a potent vision for the future. This highly visual, data-driven analysis brings together the wisdom of today's leading practitioners including:

Up-to-date information on green building issues, energy economics, and new technology Dramatic new approaches to certification system design and user experience Creative, outside-the-box solutions using the Internet of Things, big data analytics, and cloud-based technologies for building management

The green building revolution has failed to fulfill its promise to transform the marketplace in a meaningful way. Smart, simple, and sustainable: Reinventing Green Building presents a new approach to certification, designed to radically cut costs while dramatically increasing marketplace acceptance integrating true climate mitigation and better building performance.

Even if I'm not working in architecture, I'm interested in green homes, the minimalistic concept and in the sustainable development. We should all be concerned about it if we want to preserve a quality of life on this planet.

This book is a great exploration into the architecture revolution and about going green. What has not been working and how we can change it. Not just to follow a trend but because we want to have a civic engagement and to live in a better environment.
Through quotes, pictures and very interesting studies, the author show you the economical, politcal aspects of the approach.

A real great read!

About the author
Jerry Yudelson, PE, LEED® Fellow, is the author of 13 full-length professional and trade books on green buildings, integrated design, green homes, water conservation, building performance and sustainable development.
Dubbed ‘The Godfather of Green’ by Wired Magazine, his passion for optimizing the built environment is reflected by his many years of professional experience in the green building and certification fields, serving as an elected LEED Fellow and as president of the Green Building Initiative.
Jerry also served on the national board of the USGBC and chaired the Steering Committee for the largest green building show, Greenbuild, from 2004 - 2009. His previous books include Dry Run, Choosing Green and Green Building A to Z.

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I received this book in exchange of a fair and honest review.

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