Sunday, August 14, 2016

Awakening from the Daydream David Nichtern

Hell realms, gods, and hungry ghosts—these are just a few of the images on the Buddhist wheel of life. In Awakening from the Daydream, discover how these ancient symbols are still relevant to our modern life.

In Awakening from the Daydream, meditation teacher David Nichtern reimagines the ancient Buddhist allegory of the Wheel of Life. Famously painted at the entryway to Buddhist monasteries, the Wheel of Life encapsulates the entirety of the human situation. In the image of the Wheel we find a teaching about how to make sense of life and how to find peace within an uncertain world.

Nichtern writes with clarity and humor, speaking to our contemporary society and its concerns and providing simple practical steps for building a mindful, compassionate, and liberating approach to living. 

In Awakening from the Daydream, I've been surprised as how the concepts and ideas are easy and clear to understand.

It has giving me a lot of food for my brain.

The explanations of the 6 realms are comprehensible and make you think of your own behaviours. It's perfect if you want to take a look at yourself and to change.

A really good book ! I've been amazed at its clarity and all the great thoughts it has awakened in me.
Very happy to have read it!


"We are rarely, if ever, aware of how much our own mental habits fabricate and distort our experience of life. We do not see the situation clearly. It's as if we wear special glasses made of all of our thoughts, feelings, impulses, and so on, which color and distort how we see our lives. "

"In fact, every aspect of our lives, is governed by impermanence."

"When we lose something we want, we suffer. When we gain something we don't want, we suffer. When we vacillate between wanting to get something and wanting to get rid of something, we suffer. Underneath all of this is a vague feeling of uncertainty about the whole situation, which is another  kind of suffering - the suffering of existential stress or anxiety."

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