Friday, September 6, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday #165

Bookshelf Tour. Give us a tour of your bookshelf.

I'm been moving a lot so most of my books are still inside boxes. And because my appartment is small, I'm happy with my personal portable library...
How have I lived before my Kindle!

At home, I've organized my books by theme. 

Kitchen books
The ones that I keep in the shelves under the sink are French cooking books. Some have only recipes of French dishes, other have pictures to teach you point by point until you succeed to cook something edible!

Because, I like to bake pastry, cakes and sweet and beacuse kneading  the dough helps me to relax, I owned a lot a "pâtisserie" books. 
The special cookies with ginger and cinammon for Christmas, my secret chocolate fondant cake or the receipe to make some awesome dark chocolate eclair. Hmmm, Yummi!

The educational books
The ones in the little cubic furniture are guidebooks for the countries I've visited or want to discover. Also tutorial to learn foreign language like Chinese and Japanese. Software books on Indesign, AutoCad, Gimp, Photoshop, etc.

Office Desk

The legs of my home office desk are for my notebooks, dictionnaries, grammar and conjugation books. All the stuff I need, when I write. The other leg is reserved for my art supplies and art books. Too full of crap to show you! Lol!

Fiction and classic works of literature
If you want to relax with a good books, you only have to push the doors of this piece of furniture. It's not my dream library but I don't have enough place to put all my stuff... So, for now, it's the best solution.

There is mix of every genre. Mangas, fantasy stories, YA, parnormal, thrillers, romance, fiction...

And what about you ?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my FF, and following, Lucie. Unfortunately, we don't have an Ikea here! I could still go to Paris though, or you could fly to South Africa, lol.

    I'm freaking going to look at bookshelves tomorrow. I'm waiting no longer.

    Oh, you got some hot pics below this post! :)

    Happy Friday!

    Followed you back via GFC.

    Sandra @ SSBF Blog

    Here’s my FF

    1. Perfect Sandra, We go shelves shopping and after a rugby game...I've always wanted to watch one of The Springboks ones...

  2. Awesome shelves :) I really need to start reading Manga. It has always been an interest to me but I just never bought one. Always wanted to read Graphic Novels too.

    Old Follower :)

    Have a great friday

    Michelle@Because reading is better than real life

    1. Hi Michelle,
      It's a good idea because there are some really good comics being released lately

  3. I didn't even think to include kitchen books... Love your shelves! I'm a new twitter follower from @dailymayo. Check out my bookshelf at Daily Mayo!

    1. I can not cook my memory it's why I need some help from the books!

  4. I would need the cookbooks that teach you point by point until you have something edible (and even then it's iffy). :-)

    I'm a new follower!
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Lol! And I need to stop reading while cooking stuff because it's seems that all I cook is getting burned!Don't understand why...

  5. You have some awesome books. I love cooking books although I never really have the time to cook.

    New GFC follower Here is my Follow friday

  6. You have an amazing collection!Thanks for stopping by my FF and following.Follow back via GFC.

    Elena @ Book Lady's Reviews

  7. I love your GFC follower
    hope you can visit my Follow Friday

  8. Thanks for stopping by! I love to see a fellow manga fan. I used to love D. Grayman. Not pictured in my own tour because they were in the back, but I have a stack of Shojo Beat titles as well.

    Followed via Bloglovin' :)


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