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I am not what I have done. I am what I have overcome. And once I have faced my problems, only then will I find redemption.

Josh Walker and Lauren Pierce are opposites in every way. While Lauren is a committed student and girlfriend, Josh is a player with a very twisted moral compass…

Or is he?

Growing up with an addict for a father, Josh experienced disappointment from an early age. He puts on a front, shielding himself from everyone. Until he meets Lauren.

Lauren has it all. An accomplished softball player she maintains good grades, has great friends, and is in love with her dedicated boyfriend. Her life is pretty much perfect…until it’s not. 

When two bruised souls collide can they help each other overcome their problems? Or are some souls just destined to be lost?

A pleasant romance.

It could have been like all stories set at College but for once, I found quite mature characters. A clan of friends, maybe a little too nice and closed bound for real life but it gives a sense of friendly cohesion and family. A nice feeling!

The story is interesting in the way people put label on you. Right or wrong, the denomination will follow you and get difficult to dispose of. You'll be stuck up.

Regarding Josh, his playboy attitude that evaporates after just one night with Lauren made ​​me smile. For a long time player, I would have expected some hard times. So, this part is a little too fairy tale for my taste. 
However, it has the merit to show that if you really want to change you can . Ditto for Lauren at the end of the book.

I strongly believe in the power of challenging yourself and changing direction in life when you really want to do it for yourself and not to impress or please someone.

I also liked the judgments based on appearances, addictions and the feelings that got reinforced through ordeals . There are many interesting topics discussed by the author that revealed themselves prettily behind the sweet romance.


Traduction du synopsis 
Je ne suis pas ce que j'ai fait. Je suis ce que j'ai vaincu. Et une fois que j'aurai fait face à mes problèmes, alors seulement je pourrais trouver la rédemption. 

Josh Walker et Lauren Pierce sont des opposés dans tous les sens du terme. Alors que Lauren est une étudiante sérieuse et une petite amie fidèle, Josh est un coureur avec une morale assez tordue ... 

Ou peut-être pas ? 

Ayant grandi avec un toxicomane pour un père, Josh a connu la déception à un âge précoce. Il joue un rôle se protégeant de tout le monde. Jusqu'à ce qu'il rencontre Lauren. 

Lauren a tout pour elle. C'est un joueur de softbal accompli, elle maintient de bonnes notes, a de bons amis, et est amoureuse de son dévoué petit ami. Sa vie est quasiment parfaite ... jusqu'à ce qu'elle ne le soit plus. 

Quand deux âmes meurtries entrent en collision peuvent-elles s'aider à surmonter leurs problèmes ? Ou certaines âmes sont-elles destinées à être perdues ?

Une romance agréable.

Elle aurait pu être comme toutes les histoires se déroulant à l'université mais pour une fois, j'ai trouvé les personnages assez matures. Un clan d'amis, peut-être un peu trop soudés et gentils pour la vraie vie, mais cela donne une impression de cohésion et de famille assez sympa.

L'histoire est intéressante dans l'image que les gens ont de vous et la difficulté à se défaire d'une étiquette que l'on vous a collé. 

En ce qui concerne Josh, son attitude de playboy qui s'évapore juste après une nuit avec Lauren, m'a fait sourire. C'est un peu trop conte de fées mais cela a le mérite de montrer que si l'on veut vraiment changer on peut. Idem pour Lauren à la fin du livre.

Je crois fortement à la remise en question et aux changements de direction dans la vie lorsque l'on veut vraiment le faire pour soi et non pour impressionner ou plaire à quelqu'un.

J'ai aimé aussi les jugements basés sur les apparences, les addictions et les renforcements des sentiments dans les épreuves traversées. Il y a de nombreux sujets intéressants abordés par l'auteur qui se révèlent derrière la romance aux allures de conte de fées.

AMAZON LINK - http://amzn.to/M8qfBC

*Arc provided by the author. I received this book in exchange of a fair and honest review.


I grabbed her hand and tugged her over to the passenger side of the car. Taking the keys from her hand I popped the locked and open the door to help her in. Quickly, I moved around the front of the car and hopped into the driver's seat.

I looked over at her. "I'll take you back to my place, you can drive home in the morning."

She smiled at me and placed her hand on my thigh. "That sounds perfect."

The heat from her touch burned me through my jeans. When she slid her hand closer to my dick, it sprung to life…and I hadn't even started the car. I turned to her and slid my hand around the nape of her neck. Tugging her forward I crashed my lips to hers. It wasn't like I hadn't been thinking about it all night, but the taste of her had me licking across the crease of her lips. She opened her mouth and I quickly slid my tongue between her lush lips.

Her hands moved off my thigh to wrap around my shoulder and fist in my hair. My tongue danced with hers and I felt my dick surge. Oh hell no, I was not having sex in this car.

I pulled away and she was breathing as hard as I was. Starting the engine, I tried to adjust myself but it was no use, there was only one thing that was going to fix my problem. Good God, I needed to get us back to my place quick.

I looked over at Lauren as I backed out of the space. She had a dazed look full of desire in her eyes, the kind wet dreams were made of, and I didn't give two shits about what I’d told Emily or Caleb. There was no way I was not sleeping with her tonight. A guy could only take so much.

The silence became too much and I turned on the radio. Both of us were preoccupied with what would happen when we got back to my apartment.

I made the ten-minute drive faster than I should've, but I wanted in this girl's panties more than I could ever remember wanting anything before. Pulling into an empty space, I threw the car in park and Lauren was already opening her door and out by the time I shut off the engine.

This time it was my turn to grab her and drag her through the parking lot and into my apartment. I flicked the lights on before pushing her up against the door and covering her lips with my own. Her kisses were soft but demanding and her hands ran across my abs to my back, and then down to my ass. I felt like I was on fire I was so turned on…but I needed more.

Using my free hand I slid the sleeve of her dress down her shoulder. Moving my lips along her jaw, I licked a hot, wet path down her neck and she pushed her head back giving me better access. When I reached the spot where her neck and shoulder met and sucked lightly, the moan that escaped her lips did nothing but make pure desire course through my veins. I had to have her.

Kissing my way back up to her lips, I wrapped my hand around her leg and pulled it around my waist, the action lifting the bottom of her dress up around her hips. This time, as I pushed my dick against her, the groan was mine. Quickly, I grabbed her other leg and picked her up by the ass. Just like the car, there was no way we were going to end up fucking on my living room floor when my bed only ten feet away.

Rebecca Brooke grew up in the shore towns of South Jersey. She loves to hit the beach, but always with her kindle on hand. She is married to the most wonderful man, who puts up with all of her craziness. Together they have two beautiful children who keep her on her toes. 
When she isn’t writing or reading (which is very rarely) she loves watch SOA, TrueBlood, and The Walking Dead.

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