Friday, September 12, 2014

Little Dark Pieces by Maria McCartan - Review

Fall under the spell of Maria McCartan in her tantalising debut Little Dark Pieces, the first volume of the Dark Pieces vampire series. Provocatively sensual, edgy and compelling, Little Dark Pieces is a vampire romance with a difference. Down on her luck Londoner Carly Singleton works as a receptionist for a West End media company. Pretty and affable, she brings a ray of sunshine to the office every day and is well liked by both friends and colleagues. Behind her cheerful exterior however, lurks a deeply troubled woman with a complicated past and a yearning to find her Mr Right.

Determined to quit smoking, Carly seeks help at a Harley Street medical practice where she meets the renowned hypnotherapist Dr Nick Craven. Charming and charismatic, Nick is all that Carly has ever wanted and she can’t control the overwhelming desire he stirs in her. She is certain she’s found her fairytale prince, but Nick Craven has secrets—shocking secrets that threaten to destroy all that Carly holds dear.

Little Dark Pieces is an intensely erotic romance about the price of passion and an all consuming love that tips one woman to the brink. It is a tale that will consume you, obsess you and stay with you long after you have turned the final page.

Don't know what to think of this first opus of Maria Mc Cartan story. There are some pleasant and fun parts as well as some ones that made me grind my teeth...

I've been rolling my eyes at Nick sexual prowess in bed. Of course, he is exceptional! But, in one particular scene, I've almost spilled my coffee on my screen… Gross! Then I realize it was following the vampire road…Jeez! A warning would have been nice...

I've been sighing a lot too. Carly needy affective behavior is a little bit too extreme… Honestly, who will call a guy a hundred time after just one night? If I was a guy I would have run away... 

And Nick is a jerk. Not his vampire side…just in his way of dealing with his feelings in this relationship…

Being a fantasy fan, I would have loved more vampire actions or explanations. At the same time, if I'm honest, it was different than the "Twilight" love story…A really good point for a vampire romance.

Finally, they were some interesting twists in the action. Like the ending. Really enjoy the last part of the story when Carly is starting to get suspicious. 

The read is pleasant and I have the feeling that the author can surprise us in the sequel. 


"But I need to look at you. I need to memorize your face so that when we're apart, I can recall your image in perfect detail."

Author Bio
Since the age of five, Maria McCartan has been making up weird and wonderful stories. Now an adult, she consumes at least two books a week, along with a healthy supply of diet Coke and Galaxy chocolate. She lives in London with her boyfriend.

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