Friday, September 4, 2015

Spiral of Need by Suzanne Wright

The Mercury Pack Vol 1

Ally Marshall isn’t just a wolf shifter — she’s a Seer.

But a girl doesn’t exactly need special powers to know that Derren Hudson despises her entire kind. Disdain practically rolls off the Beta of the Mercury Pack . . . disdain mixed with a healthy dose of desire. And no matter how much the ruggedly handsome male appeals to her, this is one call of the wild she’s determined to ignore.

After one betrayal too many, Derren doesn’t have much use for Seers — except for Ally.

Forced into acting as her protector, he finds himself intensely and passionately drawn to the woman who incites his primal instinct to claim.

And when enemies target the pack, Ally’s gift may be just what the Mercury Pack needs.

Can he put his distrust aside, or will he force himself to turn his back on the one woman who makes his inner beast howl?

After meeting the Phoenix Pack in Suzanne Wright's previous series, I was eager to put my hands on Derren's adventures. If the reader has already met a lot of the Mercury members, it's a pleasure to reacquaint yourself with their funny dynamics.
And as Dominic cheesy lines admirer, I was happy to continue to follow his funny annoying habits.

Ally is also a great addition due to her Seer abilities. She brings more excitement to the story since she is able to predict and avoid deadly events. As an intruder in the pack, through her interrogations and fresh eyes, the reader is able to learn details about the pack's past. Some are here to keep a newcomer reader up to date, others to still keep the old readers interest by adding new interesting ones.
I like how Suzanne Wright try to satisfy everybody. :-)

As for the story itself, it's a fast path one with murders, explosions and romance. But it's also a tale about appearance, preconception, trust issues and accepting to be vulnerable in the name of love.
I'm a fan!

I really recommend this book to the lovers of action, shapeshifters and hot romance.
Really cool debut for this new series!

*Arc provided by Netgalley.
I received this book in exchange of a fair and honest review.

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