Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fated by Courtney Cole

The Bloodstone Saga Vol 2

Seventeen-year old Macy Lockhart thought she had it all figured out.

As a Keeper in the ancient organization, the Order of the Moirae, she literally holds fate in her hands. She lives over and over in lives that end tragically; all to further the good of mankind as she does her part to control destiny.
But there’s one lesson that she hasn’t learned well enough. Nothing is ever what it seems.

Startling new revelations about her identity surface and Macy realizes that she’s more important than she ever imagined.

As she struggles to grasp her new reality, everyone she loves is threatened. Is she strong enough to save them all?

A little dissapointed.

The first opus was interesting because the author has mixed some Egyptian drama and her personages were strong, funny and brave. So I was really impatient with the sequel.

If I was happy to meet again Macy, her present adventures were confusing. It's like the author was trying to rush the plot before revealing the Olympus drama.
I was dissapointed by that part. Why talk about the band, the beach scene if all the development was going to take part in Ancient Greece ?

And Gavin and Jane were not characters you can really can relate or bond with.

It has changed when all the intriguide is moving to Olympus. Ares was my favorite as well as the Amazon warriors. Aphrodite a little too inexistant and Gavin was really lacking of charisma in this volume.

But the ending is good and interesting. The author was able to catch, once again my interest.

Not so grabbing. Let's see what the next volume has in store...

The Bloodstone Saga
Every Last Kiss vol 1

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