Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Paris In Style by Janelle McCulloch

A guide to the city's fashion, design and style destinations

Paris always seems to keep something slightly hidden: those intriguing ateliers and fashion museums, enticing boutique hotels, secret gardens, enthralling bookstores, irresistible antique stalls...
Having written three bestselling books about Paris, journalist, author and photographer Janelle McCulloch thought she knew most of the best places in which to stay, wander and explore.

But the more time she spent in Paris, the more she realised how much there was still to discover.

Paris in Style reveals this city's most surprising and fascinating fashion, design and style destinations.

It is the ultimate insider's guide for travellers seeking style, creative inspiration and unforgettable experiences.

Lovely pictures, great adresses: a nice read!

I'm always curious about Parisian books see through the eyes of foreigners. As I'm born and grow up in this city, I know there is a lot of tourists places but also a lot of fabulous little areas, nobody has heard about unless you are a real Parisian.

Janelle McCulloch, if I'm honest is a little snob in her description of Paris and the fashion and design of the capitale.
Not really a critic. It's often the way Paris is seen.

Her book is a delight if you are looking for posh and stylish boutiques or if you are looking to spend time in luxuous hotels.
She also add some great quality details about cheaper accommodations.
But, I would say that some "quartiers" are forgotten or that you only hear about shopping at Hermès or Chanel.

Of course, if you have money and want to spend it in luxuous stores, Paris is a great place. As well as all the principal capitales in the world. :-) Would have prefered to heard about the small designers that are fabulous or the less trendy shops.
If you want a nice "viennoiserie" or delicious pastries, you don't have to go to "Pierre Hermé", you can push the doors a lot of "boulangeries."

But, I'm being hard. ;-)

 Her book is very well detailed one. By reading it, you will be able to prepare a great trip in this city.
Just remember that there is also a lot of hidden treasures and getting lost in Paris is also the best way to discover them.
An advice that Janelle McCulloch gives you that you should really follow!

And our taxi are not so bad! LOL! But Metro is the best if you really want to enjoy Paris.

A lovely book with tips, adresses and places to visit.

*Arc provided by Netgalley.
I received this book in exchange of a fair and honest review.

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