Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Scoop on Good Grammar by Margie Blumberg


In THE SCOOP ON GOOD GRAMMAR, each chapter focuses on a particular aspect of culture: exploration, art and invention, food, sports, classic movies and TV, poetry, and travel.​ By pairing grammar lessons with such cultural touchstones as a baseball, a telephone, a painting by Renoir, and a slice of pizza, learning becomes enjoyable! ​ 

Note: The original eBook version of this title has been revised for this first print edition.

To be honest, the funny cover attracted me at first. I've also wanted to improve my grammar so I've decided to have a look at this book.

Through culture, quiz or pictures, you are learning about grammar. If the lessons are made to be fun and attracted a large public from children to adults, sometimes the stories told were distracting.

I remember reading about "adjectifs and adverbs" and to stay stuck on the female version of the world "pizzaiolo".
I was asking myself why are you telling me about this?

Of course, it's a great information but it has nothing to do comparative and superlative forms the lesson was talking about.
Sure, it's a grammar book and it's not always sexy to read about grammar but it's confusing enough when you are not a native speaker to not distract me with other details.

Same with a French translation in a middle of English lessons that is not correct. I talk about "After Tour Coffee" that doesn't mean anything if you translate it literally into "Après-Tour Café". It has made me frown and focusing on the badly translated title instead of the lesson.

Don't get me wrong, the book is interesting and try to make grammar seems fun. But by wanted to be original, the author has confused and distracted me from the lessons a little to often.

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I received this book in exchange of a fair and honest review.

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