Thursday, January 28, 2016

Eve of Destiny by Maya James


Adam vanishing from her life hasn't been as easy for Evette to forget about as she'd hoped in this finale to the novella, Fate: Adam & Evette.

No matter what distractions Evette creates for herself, the memories of her short but intense love affair refuse to fade. An unexpected encounter with someone from Adam's past reveals the awful truth of his fate and the plane crash that has plagued Evette's subconscious. New and old friendships converge around her for support and with them comes a new purpose, the sole survivor of the accident that took Adam. A young man named Mark Zimmerman, with his devoted father at his side, becomes Evette's obsession. But with Mark's recovery and entire future offering no promises at all, is she placing her heart on an impossible hope?

Unexpected love, forgotten revenge, lifelong secrets, forgiveness, loss, and unrelenting passion all await Evette on her path from fate.

"Nothing in this world will ever compare to how I see her. Take every wonderful moment of your life, every sunset, every birth of a child, every kiss, every single thing that has ever brought you a moment of peace and happiness in this life, and put it all together—that is how I see Evette every time I look at her."

The perfect book to make your heart skip a beat, sigh from the sweetness of the characters romantic feelings and get an heart attack from the cliffhangers!
All in once, this story will not let you indifferent!

Divided in different parts, you will follow Evette after she has learned what happened to Adam just few minutes after their incredible moment together.
To be honest, the outcome was predictable but the author's words and emotions make you turn the pages eagerly. And you meet new secondary personages that are irresistable.

Then, you start to wish you have met someone in your real life, that has a beautiful creative soul as Adam.
When you begin to tell you that the story will be ending in a cute way, the author wake you up with a clever illusion and description of a scary cliffhanger.

Was really caught by the author playful way of dealing your her readers while she was telling them beautiful love stories.
Great sequel and cool series!

Author Bio
Indie Author of contemporary romance and suspense novels such as the Charity Series (Charity's Warrior, Charity’s Secrets, and Charity’s Passion) and a novella titled Fate: Adam & Evette.

East coast born and raised, I'm married, extremely happily, with 4 kids, 3 of which are now young adults (not sure when that happened).

I’m a COO in my technology-based "day job,” which requires a mix of technical and creative writing for both internal and client-facing materials, but it was not satisfying my artistic spirit. Writing the “Charity” series has been absolutely fulfilling and exciting.

My favorite writing takes place on my phone while lying on the Southernmost Beach in Key West, where I try to go at least twice a year.

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