Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday Storm

Monday Storm

I woke up to the sound of pouring rain
Abundantly washing the ground behind my curtain
I listen to the elements arguing through my windows
Not wanting reality, I bury my face in the pillows
What is this silly humidity rolling out of my eyes?
Am I cleaning my soul out of your memories?
Of empty promises and alluring sentences?
Of cold indifference and supposed acceptance?

The wind hiss fiercely outside not happy 
Of being forgotten in the middle of this insane party 
Like water, his powers can heal or damage
This morning, Aeolus is at war, out for carnage
Inside, my thoughts and feelings keep their swirl
Of what if and why... They roll, they whirl
Never mind asking, answers are locked in silence
I’m tired of your absence or compelled presence

The storm is passionate, loud, angry
As I can be
The nature likes harmony
You had my loyalty, my amity
In a minute, the weather will change
Same for me
White clouds will tell new stories
I will thank you for all our memories 
Before wishing you a sunny journey
New stars to light your wild odyssey


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