Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Adjustments by Ann Lineberger

In the postcard Connecticut town of Cannondale, financial status is followed closely by social standing. Nowhere is this battle more fiercely contested than among the housewives of Fairfield County.

Attending yoga classes at the trendy studio in town—taught by the sexy and mysterious Yogi Jack—is part of every elite woman’s routine. It allows them a daily escape from the madness of their over-scheduled lives. But the inner peace that yoga brings is only part of the appeal: many of the women come for Yogi Jack, the studio’s sexual energy, and the seductive in-class adjustments.

In his private sessions, Yogi Jack provides services above and beyond the usual realm of warrior pose, downward-facing dog, and shavasana. One-on-one time with Jack is increasingly sought-after by every one of his female students, from women looking for a deeper stretch to those seeking an entirely different kind of experience—a sexual awakening.

As high-profile magazine editor Elizabeth Kelly and her realtor sister Abigail Davis-Powers soon discover, their little affluent town is not at all what it seems. Hidden behind the immaculately designed houses and their posh façades is the dirty laundry of the housewives of Fairfield County.

Drama, jealousy, and intrigue emerge as the women delve deeper into the greedy, status-obsessed underbelly of Cannondale. And when one dark secret finds the light of day, it will threaten to change their lives forever.

I was expected to be entertained...

A horny version of "Desperate housewives" in a yoga studio.
Perfect if you like yoga but soon it becomes more about how the teacher will take care of his students sexual fantaisies.
Not really attractive or seductive, kind of pathetic, as the main character try to take advantage of the wife unhappiness.
Not really a read to escape after a long day but not a bad one either.

*Arc provided by Netgalley
I received this book in exchange of a fair and honest review.

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