Friday, August 24, 2012

Revolution Trailer

Hi everyone,

After two months of laziness enjoying the beach, the sun and the vacation...It's time to come back to work!

Ok, so maybe it was not really 2 months and more 2 weeks of holidays for me.
I also admit that the sun was not always very generous in the north of France.
In Paris, for example, it was raining all day long until the last week of July. I was freezing with only 17°C/63 F while watching the weather channel going crazy about the heat in ALL the other countries.

Sure, the first time I've exposed myself, I went from white like... (you have a good imagination!) and bright red like a...coquelicot.
Hopefully, the Olympics were there to bring some smile on my face!
Can't wait until the next ones...

And now, after already one week at work, the reality hits me: It means that the vacation are officially over and I will have to wait until next summer.

So I try to see the bright side, before next summer there will be a ton of wonderfull books that will be released and I will be waiting with great anticipation for this new serie to start Monday, September 17

Hope I will not be dissapointed!


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  1. Good thinking about the books definitely make me happy. :)

    Stop by my blog if you like....I have a giveaway for a murder mystery.

    Silver's Reviews


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