Sunday, October 23, 2011

Until I Die by Amy Plum- Book cover revelation

Amy Plum has unveiled the new cover of the second volume of the "Revenants" serie . If it does not show on her blog is to keep the fans on their toes and force them to find it by themselves. She even admitted on her blog: "The DROP DEAD GORGEOUS cover of DIE FOR ME's sequel has-been leaked by a couple of wily book bloggers, and it's up to you to find it. And ounce you have, You Can Win a Chance has reading it. "
She even made ​​a game of it like tresor hunt. Those who will participate will be able to earn a chance to read her book before the other ... Who would not be tempted?
This book cover is gorgeous, romantic...I like it!

As for me, I was moved by the first book: "Die for me". I was charmed by its originality, the beauty of emotions that I've felt as I was following the adventures of Kate and Vincent. As a reader, I was puzzled and interested by Amy Plum inventiveness and accurate descriptions of the French capital portrayed in a very readable and wonderful style. I admit I struggled to take off from this novel. I am therefore delighted to have this coverage already on my wall but I am especially looking forward to 2012 to read "Until I Die!"

La nouvelle couverture de "Until I Die"
d'Amy Plum enfin révélée...

Amy Plum vient de dévoiler la nouvelle couverture du deuxième tome de la serie des "Revenants". Si elle ne la montre pas sur son blog, c'est pour maintenir les fans en haleine et les obliger à la trouver par eux mêmes. Elle l'avoue même sur son blog: "The DROP DEAD GORGEOUS cover of DIE FOR ME’s sequel has been leaked by a couple of wily book bloggers, and it’s up to you to find it. And once you have, you can win a chance at reading it."
Elle en fait même un jeu...Ceux qui y participeront peuvent gagner une chance de lire son livre avant les autres...Qui ne serait pas tenté ?

Pour ma part le premier opus, "Die for me" m'avait charmé par son originalité, la beauté des émotions ressenties en suivant les aventures de Kate et Vincent. L'auteur, elle, m'avait interpellé par son inventivité et la qualité, la précision des descriptions de la capitale française dépeint dans un style très agréable à lire. J'avoue avoir eu du mal à décoller de ce roman. Je suis donc ravie d'avoir cette couverture déjà sur mon mur mais j'attends surtout avec impatience 2012 pour pouvoir lire "Until I Die"!


  1. OMGosh! I loved 'Die for me' cover. Now I'm drooling after this one. I can't wait for the second book to be released!!!

  2. I'm letting you know that sending out a private message to every member of every bookblogs.ning group that you belong to is NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL. STOP DOING IT.

  3. Gorgeous Cover! Great review(:

  4. This cover looks kind of faerie-esque, don't you think? Are there going to be faeries? The pattern over the top gives her the impression of having wings.
    It's a beautiful cover, definitely, but I don't think it quite portrays what it should...


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