Saturday, August 8, 2015

Offside by Juliana Stone

The Barker Triplets Vol 1


When hockey phenom Billie-Jo Barker returns home and decides to play in the local Friday night hockey league, all hell breaks loose. Not because Billie's talent is in question, but because Billie is a woman. And though these are modern times, some of the local guys still have a problem letting a girl into their 'men's club.'

Soon, Billie is at the center of a small town battle of the sexes, with everyone choosing sides. Her sisters. The townsfolk. Her friends. And yet, the only person whose opinion she cares about doesn't seem to care much at all. Logan Forest, the man who broke her heart when she was eighteen and the man she now shares the bench with every Friday night.

She's got a lot to prove and though Billie Jo Barker scores on the ice, will this girl ever score with the man of her dreams?

Honestly, I wouldn't have tried this book if I've seen the cover before… It doesn't do the story justice. Of course, there is a hot girl and an handsome man… Of course, it's a romance… But the plot is good.
The author has created some interesting females characters with her triplets as well as with the family drama that has a nice touch of reality.

Dementia, rivalry between siblings, men's world, sports and lust! :-)

I've spend a great time with Logan who is a great man with commitment issues until he met the right girl. Of course, it sounds cliché and a little too…fairy tale… But what can I say? I'm a sucker when it comes to believe that a man can see life differently if he meet The One. 
Lol! Yuck! Must have catch a bug ! :-)

Anyway, I like the daily dynamics, the love story as well as the sport plot. Love the locker room first scene… Made me smile!

Less a fan of the secret Billie is hiding from Logan… Don't see why she couldn't have confessed. It was cute not dramatic.

In short, a great read if you want some romance with a strong woman who has a mind on her own!
Cool story!

Can't wait to know more about Shane...

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