Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wicked Cravings by Suzanne Wright

The Phoenix Pack Vol 2

Despite having been besotted with Dante Garcea since she was a child, wolf shifter Jaime Farrow figures that it’s time to move past the crush. If he wanted her, he wouldn’t have ignored her flirtatious behavior, right? Hiding her intense attraction to him isn’t easy – especially now that they're part of the same pack again – but with bigger issues to worry about and with the submissive wolf act to maintain, Jaime is resolute on moving forward. Now if only the workaholic control-freak would let her…

As the pack Beta, Dante doesn't have the space or time in his life for a relationship. As such, he ignores his intense hunger for the willful – and sometimes crazy – Jaime. Yet when her flirtations abruptly end, Dante finds that he doesn’t like losing her attention. He finds something else too – Jaime's hiding something. Determined to uncover her secret, he sets out to break through her defenses, even though being around her intensifies his cravings for her. What he finds is a problem that Jaime is convinced not even a powerful Beta can solve.

This second volume in the "Phoenix Pack" Series can be read by itself but since I'm reading all the stories, once again I was not disappointed.

Ok, you can see the author pattern in the way she builds her romantic love story and scene sex. But the background plot is always full of entertainment with fighting and humor. Dominic cheesy lines are always hilarious and he is my favorite character so far.

As for Dante and Jaime, they are a lovely couple. Like that the woman has some scars and that she needs to overcome some personal issues. This volume is darker but you learn about never to let go and stop fighting for the ones you love.

Really like the author imagination and way of attracting the reader to care for her personages.
A cool moment to spend with funny crazy touching lethal people.
Cool entertaining read.

The Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright

VOL 1: Feral Sins
VOL 2:Wicked Cravings 
VOL 3: Carnal Secrets 
VOL 4: Dark Instincts

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