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After reading her hot book, "First Tango in Paris", I've wanted to know more about Emma Styles. I was also curious to understand why she decided to write her testimony. 
Enjoy her honest answers...


Writing process  

New Books On My ShelvesSince when had you want to write a book ?
Emma Styles: I had never really thought about writing a book until the recent explosion in popularity of 50 Shades and all the books that followed. I knew my story was so different as it is factual one and not in the slightest fictional. I felt that it would bring a new perspective to the whole genre of Erotica as the reader could actually experience my journey in the knowledge that I lived it and they could absolutely put a face to the person concerned as I have never hidden behind masked pictures. I am simply me recounting my story.

NBOMS: What was the trigger to pass from the idea to the reality of the release of your first story? 
E.S: It was at a small dinner party with a few close friends at our house in West London last November and my husband Paul had bought me a new Macbook Pro laptop for our anniversary and our friends who had experienced many of our Parisian adventures with us challenged me, as they knew I had kept comprehensive diaries, to re read them and pick a selection of the more adventurous escapades from the beginning and structure them into a book.

NBOMS: What is thrilling or frightening to begin a testimony?
E.S: It was a mixture of both as I knew there was so much materialI could draw from, however the thought of actually writing nearly 100 thousand words was very daunting, especially having never written anything more substantial than a letter previously! I'm by no means an author in the true sense of the word - I didn't set out to write a literary masterpiece simply an interesting and erotic read.

About the book

NBOMSHow the idea of writing "First Tango in Paris" has germinated?
E.S: I simply knew there was a good story to be told, one which would empower women but also would be an absorbing and informative read for men also.

NBOMSWas it easy or difficult to bring back to life all your memories and organized them on paper?
E.S: Initially it was a bit overwhelming being faced with going through so many years of my diaries but once I had structured the book into a loose time frame and had written the first few chapters things seemed to just flow very naturally. After writing the first 4 or five chapters I invited our close friends to read it and criticize where needed, they were all very supportive and encouraged me to continue and turn it into a full length novel. It took five solid months of writing and re writing during the evenings to complete the first ten years, leaving much more to tell in the concluding book.

NBOMSIs there a specific reason behind your choice of sharing your sexual experiences with your readers? 
E.S: Not a specific reason other than I felt it would make an absorbing read and would take the reader to places that in real life they may never go, or never think of going. Since releasing the book in June I've actually had many emails from couples and single ladies who have said that they were going to use the book as a "guide" and visit Paris and relive parts of my story in their own way. It is very gratifying to receive emails for ladies who have said the book has given them confidence and empowered them to go and see what Paris can offer them. Many husbands have mailed and thanked me, saying my book has put a spark back into their sex life that had been missing for them.

NBOMSIs it easy to describe a scene sex on paper ?
E.S:  I found it difficult at first as I didn't want it to sound crude or pornographic but once I'd listed words "not" to use it became a lot more natural. I wrote the scenes as they happened using words that to me sounded real and sensual rather than clinical and pornographic. But each reader will have their own view on that.

NBOMSWhile you were writing, what kind of reader have you imagined would enjoy your story? 
E.S: Initially I was writing it only with close friends in mind, never giving selling more than a few dozen copies a second thought. However, the further into the writing process I got the more I realised the book would appeal to both men and women. There is a vast amount both sexes can take from the book whether it be simply as a good read or as a platform from which they can go and explore their own sexual needs in confidence.

NBOMSIt's a risky and rather hot story for people reading sweet romance, how could you convince them to try your book? 
E.S: I would warn them that its not for the faint hearted and at anytime they can put the book down and take a cold shower!

About You

NBOMSWhat is your favorite quartier of Paris?
E.S:  Paris is a wonderful city as a whole but my absolute favourite area is Le Marais, so many quirky little bars and shops to explore, it mixes the old with the new in a timeless and elegant fashion.

NBOMSAre you currently working on the sequel or on another story? 
E.S:  I have just started on the concluding book which will bring the readers right up to date with me and my journey. I hope to have it finished by November but am not in a rush as I want to include everything, leaving nothing that later I can look back on and say "I should have put that in".

NBOMSAs a reader, what kind of genre do you appreciate? 
E.S: I love thrillers and am currently reading a series by a very good American author called Brad Thor. They are very action packed and make you sit up and think.

NBOMSThe last book that follow you a long time ago after closing it?
E.S: A few years ago I read a true story called "The Wolf of Wall Street" by Jordan Belfort, a crazy yet inspirational book. I must have read it a good half dozen times along with the cocluding book "The catching of the wolf of Wall Street"

NBOMS: What's your favorite quote you want to share ?
E.S: I have two favourite quotes at the moment



My name is Emma Styles. I am a married mother of two. I currently live between Kew, West London and Southern Spain. I have just completed my first book “First Tango In Paris”, which is a true-life account of my sexual experiences and adventures since stumbling into the very elegant but incredibly decadent and hedonistic Parisian swinging scene.

The book documents intimately and often graphically many of the more salacious and debauched encounters over a ten-year period, whilst also portraying how I juggled the more predictable side of family/working life with my quest for even greater sexual escapades.

Currently writing the conclusion, bringing it full circle, whilst working on a new series of four fictional novels in the “Bitch Boss” genre

You want to know more about the book...


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